Dear Counselors & Mental Health Professionals,

Happy (??) back to school! As someone who just left her school counseling career this past December after 6 years, I know it’s challenging to get back into the swing of things, especially after this unique, frustrating, past year +, and a hopefully restful summer away from it all. With that being said, you’re back in action doing what you do best — supporting your students, teachers, and school community, as challenging as it is at times… You’re the glue that keeps your school together whether others realize it or not!

I left my high school counselor position after giving my all and teetering burn out at every turn. In fact, thinking back, I was burned out — just didn’t realize it until I was so far removed from school and work that I had the time to better focus on my personal wellbeing, and it took leaving my school to see that. The pandemic was my last straw and here I am today.

My name is Cate — owner of Luna Power Yoga — a small, community oriented yoga studio in Mahopac. Home to small-capacity gentle and power yoga classes of no more than 10 people in one class. Throughout my career, I relied on my yoga practice to survive my school counseling trials and tribulations. It was my escape — my time away from the chaos, parent emails, admin & scheduling requests, multi-tasking, etc.. In yoga class, I could release the emotional weight I carried from working with my very special students who needed me most.

When I opened my studio space, something I cared about most was offering a discount for educators and counselors/mental health professionals for unlimited monthly yoga and drop in classes… to create a space where we can all come to find peace, if only for an hour. It’s true what we tell our students, “you can’t pour from an empty cup.” Now it’s time to take our own advice. This email is my invitation to come into the studio any time, for any class, to step away from the chaos. Let me and my team of teachers take care of you for a change and help you recharge and reset. You can come to class, lay on your mat with your eyes closed for 60 minutes, move gently at your own pace, or move and sweat upside down — no judgement or expectations here. Just space to meet yourself on your mat, whatever that looks like for you. 

You can find our schedule on the Mindbody app or visit our website here for further info. Counselors, teachers, mental health professionals receive 20% off of a drop-in class and the New Moon Unlimited Membership. If you would like to get a small-group of counselors/educators together, please let me know and I am more than happy to work out a pricing plan that is feasible for all.

Whether I have the opportunity to meet you at the studio or not, I am sending you all of the positive vibes for a safe and healthy school year with healthy and resilient students, administrators and parents/guardians who honor YOU and your role, and of course… lots of time for you to take care of yourselves.

Here if you need anything,
Cate from Luna Power Yoga

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