Virtual Vinyasa – LUNA POWER FLOW

*Cover photography by Mike Moran


What to expect in a Luna Power Flow Session:

Virtual-Vinyasa: Luna Power Flows are 60 minute classes via Zoom that you can drop-in to at your convenience and are a great way to reignite your inner flame.

Please access the scheduler below and click on Luna Power Flow to learn more about upcoming classes offered and membership pricing to ensure you are getting the most out of your yoga experience. Options are to purchase a 1x drop-in class; a 4 class pack; 8 class pack; OR the Full Moon Auto-Renewal Membership.

  • After registering for class on my scheduler, you will receive a Zoom invitation link via email 30 minutes prior to class start time. When it’s time for class, click on the link and you’ll have access to our virtual yoga “room!”

  • You have the opportunity to create your own personal yoga space in the comfort of your home and simply “hop” into these virtual small-group classes through your laptop or electronic device!

  • Have a mat and any props (ex: blocks) ready should you decide you want to use them to deepen and support your practice, but know that I offer modifications to get us through a practice without blocks or props.

  • Chances are… you’ll work up a sweat in class! If you want to have a little towel and some water by your side, please feel free to. I encourage students to make this class their own, so whatever makes you feel most comfortable as we work together (from a distance!) works with me.
  • Who is Virtual-Vinyasa good for?

  • Every BODY!

  • I welcome individuals of all levels in these small-group classes; however, if you are a true beginner, I may recommend setting up either an in-person or virtual private session with me first to ensure I can set you up for success as we move forward with your Virtual-Vinyasa journey.
  • Questions?

    Should you want to connect prior to learn more about Virtual-Vinyasa or to schedule a consultation to understand how LPY can support you through your yoga and mindfulness adventure, please reach out to me at!

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