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We all have that special place that stimulates memories, feelings of warmth, peace, happy- times and joy. Often, it’s a physical place, whether it be somewhere in nature, at home or abroad, but your happy place is also a mental state to revisit when we physically can’t get to those special locations. Our happy place can then transform into a memory, a visualization or a nostalgic transport of sorts. A happy place engages and unifies all the senses and can bring about a familiar and loving déjà vu. It can also bring us to a state of calm and deserved sense of distraction. An escape from responsibilities and stress, even if for a minute. It aligns our energies and our state of mind and fills our heart.

Everyone’s, ‘happy place’ is unique, even if the physical space is shared. The experiences are always individual. It can relate to the smallest memory or elaborate travel experience or something simpler like sitting in the backyard of your grandma’s house. It can occur when recalling the seasonal fall leaves changing color or it can be sitting still on your favorite chair with a good book and snow outside the window. Maybe it’s an early Sunday morning bike ride. Or, maybe as a busy mom, it’s locking yourself in the bathroom, sitting in the tub with a glass(es) of wine and pretending you don’t hear the kids running down the hallway to your spouse outside the door.

 Taking the time to visit your place can be a form of meditation, too. As mentioned, we can often recall senses from our special place; smells, sounds, tastes and it can bring about memories of simpler times and allows us to, “stop” for a minute when our world gets crazy. And we have all certainly experienced what that feels like in recent months. We forget the wear and tear and toll it takes on mind, body and soul when we don’t allow ourselves to periodically “tune out.’ When we do this, it’s not about neglecting our responsibilities. It’s that when we don’t go to our happy place, we are neglecting ourselves. Everyone, everyone, needs a happy place to visit. To fill our hearts and to rejuvenate our souls.

 Visiting your happy place often serves as a reset when life feels mundane, like a perpetual Ground Hog’s Day or becomes overwhelming. The biggest obstacle is that we often don’t make the time to self-care and visit our happy places. It becomes lowest on the list of priorities when recognizing the need for it vs. what everyone else needs from us. It needs to become a consistent practice. When you’re recharged, you are the best version of yourself and for those around you too. It’s about reconnecting with your soul and who you are at the core level. What makes you tick. Sparkle. Shine. Radiate. Feel alive. Not as wife, mommy, daughter, sister, teacher, etc. – YOU.

 So, if you’re lucky enough to physically visit your happy place whether it be the beach at sunrise, a log cabin in winter or hiking in the woods- even better! But don’t wait for the opportunity to physically get yourself there. Find your happy place in the everyday and allow yourself to find joy in the little moments that make your spirit essentially you and ignite your soul and heart.

much love + light



Jess Stafford is a yoga teacher at Luna Power Yoga and owner of 44 Yoga + Movement.

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