Many of my friends and family have adopted the “work from home” (aka WFH) lifestyle these past few months (… many months). Some have traveled back into the office, but many are still working from their make-shift office in their apartment or homes. No matter where you are working… work is work!

Whether you’ve been thriving with your WFH setup, struggling with work in general, or are mentally preparing to head back into the office, finding ways to nurture and nourish yourself in all regards is essential.

Work can take a toll on us. Period. Especially amidst a pandemic, recovering from the past year, and getting back out there in the world in general. Whether we are at home or in the office, our mental, emotional, social, & physical domains can be negatively impacted if we aren’t careful.

A few simple ways to ensure that you are taking care of yourself as a professional in your field are to:

  1. Take time away from your desk: Even if it is simply standing up and taking a quick walk around. Fill up your water bottle, track down some snacks… we could always benefit from a break (and snacks!).
  2. Set boundaries: Are you constantly checking work email at all hours of the evening?… Even once you’ve left the office or signed off from working that day?! If you’re not on call, set boundaries! Everyone deserves to disconnect from their job at some point.
  3. Self-soothe during stressful moments: Find strategies that help you relax in a stressful or heightened moment. Stretch, practice deep breathing, take a mindful walk, get some fresh air, phone a supportive colleague or friend, etc. Try out some different strategies, find what works for YOU!
  4. Adopt a yoga & mindfulness practice: Sure, I’m partial to this specific strategy… but it’s for good reason! Yoga teaches you how to respond to uncomfortable situations that you may face on your mat, which then translates to your personal life at home or at work. Learn to breathe, honor your self, challenge yourself to dig deep, and move around! Increase relaxation, build strength and flexibility, relieve tension and pain; in return, improve your mood, energy, and resiliency.

At the end of the day, life is short. We must learn to bend, go with the flow, and take time for ourselves so that we can continue to be successful, proactive, and reach for the stars in all that we do… both at work and in our personal lives, too.

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