My friend, Tara Magalski from Divine Lifestyles, is hosting an EPIC women’s retreat this fall in Mexico.  She knows firsthand that our traumas are our teachers. Throughout her life, her healing journey taught her that none of the things in her past inhibited her from the full embodiment of her self-expression and purpose.

She is committed to holding sacred spaces where we as women can rise up. And she is finally ready to share potent healing modalities that were the catalyst for her personal transformation.

So…..Divine Lifestyles presents TRANSCENDENCE – Remembering Your True Essence November 8-13, 2023. A 5-night, 6-day women’s retreat to discover the healing lands of Tulum, Mexico, to awaken your spirit and transcend stuck trauma to reach a state of expansive freedom. The tranquil lands of Mexico will open a sacred space for you to reconnect to your core, authentic self. Get ready to plant your feet on the earth, let go of what is no longer serving you, dance under the stars, and raise your vibration.

This retreat’s theme is about returning to your true essence. There will be deep self-reflection and tons of fun (of course)!  This is for anyone going through a transition in life or for anyone who has trauma they need to process and work through. 

You’ll experience a delicious blend of yoga, breathwork, meditation, somatic practices, sound alchemy, voice activation, self-care rituals, cacao ceremonies, a plant medicine journey, a Temazcal ceremony, and hormone-balancing nourishment. Daily fresh local cuisine and juices will detox and replenish your mind and body, restoring your youthful radiance from the inside out. They have plenty of fun things to add, from massages and spa treatments to excursions. Click here for more details

***Currently, there is ONLY 1 room left in the main house and a few glamping tents on the beach. So if your spirit feels a call, learn more about Tara and secure your spot today. Join Divine Lifestyles and embark on a journey of self-reflection, healing, and transformation that will leave you feeling rejuvenated, inspired, and ready to embrace the next chapter of your life.

Simply book a call with Tara HERE to answer any questions you may have and apply for the curated experience. You can also email Tara directly at

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